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parenting with ABA

Guiding Parents through Autism with Erin Porter

Episode 092: Guiding Parents through Autism with Erin Porter

Erin Porter is a family autism coach from Ontario, Canada who supports parents who have newly diagnosed children with autism. Erin shares her thoughts on the major gaps and challenges she sees. Some of the challenges start before the diagnosis, including how to talk to doctors. We also talk to Erin about how she assists parents through her Guided Autism Program.

FCT – Functional Communication Training

Episode 091: What is Functional Communication Training in ABA?

All behavior is communication, and they’re two sides of the same coin. Functional communication, or FCT, is a way to decrease problem behavior through teaching effective communication skills. Here, we discuss where to start when teaching mands, how to collect data, and how to avoid developing chains of responses by using transfer trials.

Linggo: A Picture-Based AAC System for Children with Autism

Episode 090: Linggo: A Picture-Based AAC System for Children with Autism

We are rebroadcasting this episode where Ling and Jane join us to explain their AAC platform, Linggo. Communication is a complex concept and requires an interdisciplinary approach while keeping the needs of the child front and center. Linggo is much different than traditional AACs and the company also provides training for both parents and practitioners, which helps with adoption and adherence. For more information on our upcoming CEU event with Ling and Jane, head to our website.

tips for new BCBAs

Episode 089: BCBA Mentorship with Katerina Savino

BCBA Kat Savino is the Community Manager at How To ABA. Kat has a ton of supervision experience and here, she talks about what’s lacking in the field and suggestions for improvement. We also discuss the challenges faced by new BCBAs, how leaning on a community can decrease burnout and overwhelm, and Kat’s must-have programming resources.

All About Matching with Dr. Alan Schnee

Episode 088: All About Matching with Dr. Alan Schnee

Dr. Alan Schnee is a Ph.D., BCBA-D, consultant, author, and speaker. Here, we talk to Dr. Schnee all about matching. As professionals, we often teach simple matching skills to our students, but matching can also be used as a vehicle to teach many other things. Here, we discuss when to introduce higher-level matching techniques, how BCBAs can incorporate more creative thinking in our programs, and more.

Life Skills

Episode 087: Life Skills Needs Assessment

Life skills are a critical part of the success of our students and help them to grow into independent adults. Here, we cover the best ways to assess life skills and how to make a plan of which skills our learners need to know. We also discuss why it’s important to start at a young age and how to use assessments.

BCBA Burnout with Emily Varon

Episode 086: ABA Burnout with Emily Varon

Emily Varon is a BCBA and sleep specialist who has been diving into a new passion: burnout in the field of ABA. We discuss some of the things that contribute to burnout, like a lack of supervision and being stretched too thin. We also talk about how to tap into our reinforcers, the challenges new and seasoned BCBAs face that can lead to burnout, and potential strategies and solutions to ease overwhelm.

Episode 085: What is a Behaviour Contract?

A behavior contract is a written agreement that outlines expectations, timeframes, and rewards for specific behaviors. Behavior contracts give students ownership over their lives and access to their own reinforcers. We discuss the benefits of this strategy, how to introduce the concept to students, and tips for making your behavior contracts a success.

How to Get Picky Eaters to Eat More Food with Valori Neiger

Episode 084: How to Get Picky Eaters to Eat More Food with Valori Neiger

Valori Neiger is an autism feeding specialist who started a blog as a way to help families and providers serving the population. We chat with Valori about how feeding falls under ABA, the biggest challenges to feeding when working with kids with autism, and suggestions on how to work on feeding flexibility. We’re also hosting a webinar with Valori on Friday, February 24th at 12pm EST – head to our website for more details.

First Week as a BCBA

Episode 083: First Week as a BCBA

Becoming an official BCBA is a huge accomplishment, but getting your certification is just the beginning of the journey where there’s so much more to learn. We dive into CEUs and how to make a plan to track them. We also discuss understanding your strengths, being open to new experiences, goal setting, and how to stay grounded when working with parents and other professionals.