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WH Questions Ebook


Do your students struggle to answer ‘wh questions’?

How many times have you asked a student, “Where do you go to sleep?” and they answer “At night”?  Or you ask “When do you go swimming?” and they answer “in the pool”?

Our ebook will show you the step-by-step lesson plan to get your students answering ‘wh questions’.  By the end of this program, your students will be able to answer ‘what’, ‘who’, and ‘where’ questions about:

  • Pictures
  • Text
  • Auditory stimuli

Written by a BCBA, all the work is done for you!  Included in this ebook are: step-by-step instructions, instructional procedure, graph and data sheets, and visual materials.  All you need to get the program started and start seeing progress!