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Episode 096: How to Teach Intermediate Requesting in ABA

Our clients are considered intermediate learners when they communicate in three-or-more-word phrases and have mastered a large amount of receptive vocabulary. However, these learners might still be stuck on things like varied mands and wh-questions. Intermediate requesting is a skill we can teach them in order to self-advocate for their wants and needs.

Teaching Intermediate Requesting

Sometimes we think of manding/requesting as an early learner skill, but as our learners move into the intermediate level, their manding changes. Instead of using one-word phrases to tell you which item they want, they may need to ask for help or ask for you to stop doing something. When a learner moves into a more intermediate phase, we often focus on pre-academic skills and forget to expand their manding repertoire. These learners have a decent receptive vocabulary, but they still need help with manding to bring more variety into their requests. 

In this podcast episode, we dive into the kinds of skills we should be teaching at the intermediate level for requesting. We cover how to figure out what a student’s manding needs are and whether to expand their mean length of utterance or their repertoire. We talk about requesting for actions, why it’s helpful to stay away from abstract concepts like “please” and “thank you”, and requesting for assistance. And we also discuss how to teach self-advocacy through appropriate protests and requests for attention. 

Expanding language through intermediate requesting can really help a learner advocate for themselves and learn more.  You can teach your learner WH questions like “where” and “what” using our free resource ‘WH Questions.’ Click the link below for a free download! 

What’s Inside:

  • Which skills to teach at the intermediate level for requesting.
  • How to discover what a student’s manding needs are.
  • How to teach requests for action, assistance, and appropriate protests.

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