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Episode 095: Early Intervention for Autism and Play Therapy with Kaylin Moss

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BCBA and play consultant Kaylin Moss is one of our members. She works in the field of early intervention for autism and natural environment teaching. Kaylin started her career as a teacher at a local charter school for children with autism. She was inspired by the behavior analyst at the school, who was a big resource, and began looking into her line of work. Kaylin then began education for behavior analysis. At first, she focused on behavior therapy but then switched gears to early intervention, mostly due to a helpful push from her mom. Kaylin learned to answer the question, can early intervention help autism? She shares her experience with us.

Early Intervention Program for Autism: Play Project

We talk with Kaylin about her transition from teacher to BCBA and how she uses her skills in her current role. We discuss her supervision experience and how starting out as a teacher helped to shape her career. Kaylin also shares information about the Play Project. Through the Play Project, Kaylin uses play therapy to increase communication in the natural environment. It’s a play-based strategy that has a similar foundation to ABA. We also talk about what play can look like in an ABA setting, how to support parents through play therapy, and tips for new BCBAs.

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What’s Inside:

  • How Kaylin transitioned from teaching into behavior analysis
  • Information about the Play Project and play therapy
  • How to incorporate play in an ABA setting

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