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Episode 092: Guiding Parents through Autism with Erin Porter

Guiding Parents Through Autism

Erin Porter is a family autism coach from Ontario, Canada that’s guiding parents through autism. As a teacher, she noticed some gaps in the school system and wanted to fill them in. She also noticed there was a parental piece missing, so she applied everything she knew about teaching and programming to supporting parents who have newly diagnosed children with autism. Erin helps parents get started with early intervention while they wait for funding or to come off waitlists. Receiving a diagnosis can be an overwhelming time for parents and Erin walks them through the next steps in their own unique journeys.

Erin shares her thoughts on the major gaps and challenges she sees when teaching parents about autism. Some of the challenges start before the diagnosis, including how to talk to doctors. Understanding communication is key as well as navigating services. Parents can also be apprehensive to take action and prefer to “wait and see,” but early intervention and establishing a connection are so important. The gap often gets wider when parents wait and Erin supports parents in trying different things, even before there’s a diagnosis. We also talk to Erin about how she supports parents through her Guided Autism Program.

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What’s Inside:

  • Common gaps when it comes to supporting parents of children with a diagnosis.
  • Why early intervention is essential.
  • Information on Erin’s Guided Autism Program.

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