We are both BCBA’s who are passionate about spreading the positivity of Applied Behaviour Analysis!  We know how busy life can get and how overwhelming it can be to take care of ourselves and the families we service.

We founded How to ABA and The Bx Resource as a way to unite and support fellow ABA professionals.  By sharing our materials and resources, we can save you time and energy so that you can get back to doing more of what you love!


Shayna & Shira



With over 20 years in the field of ABA, Shayna is a master program developer. She has a unique knack for finding the practical application of ABA to real-life so that the interventions are doable and successful!

Shayna has been practicing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) since 1997. In 2005, after graduating with a Masters Degree in ABA from the University of Nevada Reno (UNR), she was one of the first in Ontario, Canada to obtain her BCBA. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Kid Mechanix, Inc. in Toronto, Canada, where she met Shira Karpel.

Shayna also has international experience, providing clinical expertise and training workshops to clients in Canada, United States, Costa Rica, England, Egypt and Qatar.

Because of her extensive training in a wide variety of interventions over the years, Shayna has a knack for developing unique, practical programs that teach across operants. She seriously thinks in data sheets!!!!

Shayna’s super-power is her ability to explain complex ABA principles in practical, relatable terms. She is a master program-developer and most of what you see in The Bx Resource is her ABA-mind put down on paper.  As a member of The Bx Resource, you get the privilege of learning from her and leveraging all that ABA knowledge for your own practice!


As a former teacher, Shira is passionate about spreading the benefits of ABA to more children.  She envisions a world where ABA is the go-to, accepted intervention in classrooms and homes everywhere!  She is the co-founder of How to ABA which was started to create a community where all BCBA’s and ABA professionals can get support and resources so that clients can get the best treatment possible.

Shira has a Masters in Special Education and then went on to pursue her BCBA.  With extensive supervision and training (ahem, thanks Shayna!!), she has been working in the field of ABA since 2011.  Together with Shayna, they trained, and taught many therapists, clients, and parents and collected a massive bank of ABA programs and resources.  One day, the light bulb went off and Shira said, “We should be sharing all of this!” Hence, How to ABA was born!

Her passion is in creating positive, comprehensive learning environments for all students.  She loves that with her knowledge in ABA, she can now support teachers in their classrooms.  She is the Director of Behavioural Services at a private school in Toronto and is loving getting to make a difference in the lives of children and families daily. She is passionate about making the principles of ABA practical and doable and relevant to every child in any situation.

Katerina Savino, MA, BCBA

Katerina is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 7 years of experience in the field. Katerina is passionate about supporting current and future BCBAs. She has experience providing individual and group supervision to BCBA candidates across the country. Currently, she works as a clinical lead for a paediatric therapy program where she provides clinical guidance and oversight to current BCBAs. Katerina believes that mentorship should be a collaborative process  in which active learning leads to development of the practical skills needed to be a strong problem solver, decision maker, and client advocate.

Kat joined the How to ABA team in 2021 and is looking forward to mentoring the future BCBA’s!


“I worked so hard to get my degree and pass that test, then I was thrown into the field and was so overwhelmed until the webinar today.”

BR Member

“Shayna and Shira have been life savers for me! As a newly certified BCBA, I found the process of program writing and behaviour management quite daunting and overwhelming. Shira and Shayna are quick to answer any and all questions and always post helpful responses. I now feel as though I have a support system of professionals and am better equipped to help my clients.”

BR Member

“I thank you Shira and Shayna for freely sharing your expertise & experience with others. I am excited to obtain CEU’s from you gals. In reviewing your posts/webinars, I was SO impressed with the content. I’m so happy I signed up and look forward to learning (more!) from you.”

BR Member


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