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Episode 097: Assessing and Teaching Good Learner Repertoires with Steve Ward

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BCBA Steve Ward has been working as a behavior analyst since the mid-1990’s. As the lead behavior analyst for a center school, Steve conducted more than 100 functional assessments and wrote behavior plans to address a wide range of behaviors. He has also worked as a consultant, where he designed programming on how to teach good learner repertoires which include verbal behavior, daily living skills, and academics, among a host of others. Today, he runs Whole Child Consulting along with his partner, Teresa (Terry) Grimes. Steve shares his story about how he got into the field and how he uses multiple methods when working with students.

Steve is passionate about play, and his personal experience served as an inspiration to incorporate more fun into making play motivating. He shares tips for how to make play more effective and fun for students. We talk about how to measure data during play.  We also discuss the The Inventory for Good Learner Repertoires (IGLR). Steve shares what prompted him to create the IGLR and how to put it into practice. We also discuss how practitioners can think outside the box, the value of supervision and mentorship, Steve’s courses on shaping, and more.

Steve is joining us on an upcoming CEU event where he’ll be sharing more about assessing and teaching good learner repertoires. The event is on Wednesday, May 17th at 12:00 pm ET. You can sign up here to become a Pro Member and attend live. Can’t make it live? No problem! All of our CEU events are recorded for pro members to earn CEUs asynchronously.

What’s Inside:

  • How to make play more motivating and fun for students.
  • Info on The Inventory for Good Learner Repertoires (IGLR).
  • Steve’s tips for newly minted BCBAs.
  • Our next CEU Event: Assessing and Teaching Good Learner Repertoires with Steve Ward, BCBA

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