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Episode 093: Thriving with Autism – ABA Success Story!

ABA Success Story!  Listen to hear about how Shane is thriving.

Shane Finkelstein is one of Shayna’s original ABA clients from 20 years ago and is here to talk about his ABA success story. Ever since Shane was young, he had social difficulties and was having trouble fitting in with people outside his family. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, which was also when he began ABA therapy. ABA helped Shane develop good social skills, as well as a good work ethic. Growing up, he attended a public school where he excelled academically but struggled socially. That changed when he started attending a special needs camp and school. Through school, camp, and ABA therapy, Shane is now able to form meaningful relationships with other people while still being himself.

Shane shares his favorite aspects of ABA, especially weekend outings, which helped him form healthy relationships and thrive in social settings. We also talked to Shane about the skills he’s currently working on and his experience in the workforce. Shane shared with us a poster he created on the last day of his previous work contract. You can take a closer look at the poster here:

ABA Success Story

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What’s Inside this ABA Success Story:

  • Shane’s ABA success story.
  • Shane’s experience in the workforce.
  • All about the poster Shane create on the last day of his contract.
  • Advice Shane would give to his younger self.

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