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Episode 114: How to Diversify Your ABA Practice with Tina Guidry

Episode 114: How to Diversify Your ABA Practice with Tina Guidry

Tiny Guidry is the owner of Clinician with a Mission. She’s always on the forefront of what’s next, and here, we chat with her about her passion for advocacy and how other people can find their place. Tina also shares insights into her own business and how it’s growing, information on her membership program, and advice for new BCBAs and established professionals looking to branch out.

Episode 074: OBM and Performance Feedback with Jessica Winne

Jessica Winne is a BCBA who came to us to talk about OBM and performance feedback. Jessica received her master’s degree in behavior analysis from the University of North Texas and her thesis was on how to give corrective feedback. We discuss the role emotions play in receiving feedback, how feedback can make or break a staff culture, the importance of rapport, and more.

Episode 071: BCBA Supervision, Support, and Advocacy with Jessie and Sara

Jessie and Sara are from Family Beeginnings, where they provide family focused, solution based, ABA therapy and consulting. They spend a lot of time mentoring BCBA candidates and share what they focus on to help boost their skill set. We also talk about client advocacy and bridging the gap between the field of ABA and the school system.