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Episode 114: How to Diversify Your ABA Practice with Tina Guidry

Tina Guidry is the owner of Clinician with a Mission, a membership which focuses on helping BCBAs and ABA professionals reach the ultimate goal of having a balanced quality of life while establishing and diversifying their ABA practice across clinics, schools, and homes. We first connected with Tina during the pandemic and were fortunate to host a joint webinar together all about telehealth and setting ourselves up for success. She started her career back in the ‘90’s when she became an advocate for her son, who received a mood disorder diagnosis. Tina’s true passion is helping people with disabilities, specifically mental health. She’s also published research along with some of her professors and eventually became “accidentally self-employed” as a consultant. 

Today, Tina’s focus is on clinical supervision, case consultations, leadership training, and mentorship. She’s always on the forefront of what’s next. We chat with her about her passion for advocacy and how other people can find their place. We discuss values-based care and why it’s so essential for BCBAs to master. Tina also shares insights into her own business and how it’s growing, information on her membership program, and advice for new BCBAs and established professionals looking to branch out their ABA practice.

We’re hosting an upcoming Ethics CEU event with Tina called Diversifying Your Practice to Include School Contracts. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 20th at 12 pm EST and sign up to attend here to receive an Ethics CEU.

What’s Inside:

  • How Tina built and grew a successful consulting career.
  • Information on Tina’s membership program and our upcoming webinar.
  • Advice for established professionals and new BCBAs.

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