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Episode 071: BCBA Supervision, Support, and Advocacy with Jessie and Sara

Today on the How to ABA podcast we’re talking with Jessie Coleman and Sara Cardona about BCBA supervision. Jessie and Sara are the Director of Operations and Clinical Director from Family Beeginnings, where they provide family-focused, solution-based, ABA therapy and consulting. Sara is currently mentoring brand-new BCBA candidates for their hours as well as the other providers within her organization. She’s also responsible for quality assurance and programming, making sure everything runs smoothly for their clients. Jessie began her career as an early intervention teacher and then she became an RBT. Her job as an RBT introduced her to OBM (Organizational Behavior Management), which she fell in love with. Now she specializes in this area as the Director of Operations and also does parent training and advocacy as a BCBA.

BCBA supervision training is something both Jessie and Sara are passionate about. They recently launched a program for candidates looking to gain more real-world experience. We talk about the skills they focus on with BCBA candidates, especially how to communicate with parents and problem-solve with colleagues. Navigating insurance and billing is often not taught in school, so training is key. We also discuss IEP support and why it’s so important to build a bridge between schools and ABA practitioners. Many school districts lack appropriate BCBA expertise and support, and we share ideas on what needs to improve. 

What’s Inside:

  • What Jessie and Sara focus on when mentoring BCBA candidates.
  • The importance of IEP support.
  • Advocacy and the need for changes within the school system.

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