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Episode 074: OBM and Performance Feedback with Jessica Winne

Jessica Winne is a BCBA who came to us to talk about OBM (Organizational Behavior Management) and performance feedback. Jessica received her master’s degree in behavior analysis from the University of North Texas. Her thesis was on how to give corrective feedback. Towards the end of her program, she took on more of an OBM focus. When we become BCBAs we’re usually not prepared enough to be managers.  When we’re studying, we get so focused on the task list and the content that we don’t realize the other components of the job. Then when we’re thrown into that managerial role, people start looking towards us for performance feedback and training. This can be difficult without the proper tools and guidance.

Jessica shares why the “feedback sandwich” doesn’t always work, as the learner is going to focus on the negative feedback anyway and doesn’t focus on what to do differently. It’s good practice to prime our learners with expectations so they can perform well and are more receptive to feedback, and the same process should be applied to our staff. Creating a learning environment versus a punishing environment is key as well as providing ample opportunity for trainees to practice so they can implement new skills. We also discuss the role emotions play in receiving feedback, how feedback can make or break a staff culture, as well as the importance of rapport.


What’s Inside:

  • Why the “feedback sandwich” doesn’t work.
  • Why it’s important to set proper expectations to set staff up for success.
  • The role emotions play in feedback.
  • How feedback impacts staff culture.

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