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mentorship meeting sneak peek

Episode 135: The Bx Resource Mentorship Meeting Sneak Peek

Our community offers a private place for you to chat with other practitioners and share what’s working and what’s not working. Here, we’re giving you an inside look into one of our mentorship meetings for our Pro Members. If you’re interested in joining us at our next meeting, head to our website and check out our membership!

Episode 114: How to Diversify Your ABA Practice with Tina Guidry

Episode 114: How to Diversify Your ABA Practice with Tina Guidry

Tiny Guidry is the owner of Clinician with a Mission. She’s always on the forefront of what’s next, and here, we chat with her about her passion for advocacy and how other people can find their place. Tina also shares insights into her own business and how it’s growing, information on her membership program, and advice for new BCBAs and established professionals looking to branch out.

tips for new BCBAs

Episode 089: BCBA Mentorship with Katerina Savino

BCBA Kat Savino is the Community Manager at How To ABA. Kat has a ton of supervision experience and here, she talks about what’s lacking in the field and suggestions for improvement. We also discuss the challenges faced by new BCBAs, how leaning on a community can decrease burnout and overwhelm, and Kat’s must-have programming resources.