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Episode 089: BCBA Mentorship with Katerina Savino

BCBA Kat Savino is the Community Manager at How To ABA. If you’re a member, you’ve likely seen Kat in our community, Q&A sessions, and our journal clubs. Kat was one of our first podcast guests and as we learned more about her, we realized we needed her on the team. We’re excited to have her back on the podcast to discuss BCBA mentorship, supervision, and tips for new BCBAs. You can get to know Kat through our membership community board, where she connects members with available resources. Kat also does supervision through How to ABA for those needing fieldwork experience and one-on-one mentorships for newly minted BCBAs.

Kat has a ton of BCBA supervision experience that she shares with us here at How to ABA. She talks about what’s lacking in the field and makes suggestions for improvement. Sometimes, there’s not a lot of supervisors locally or provided at your place of work. But supervision doesn’t end as soon as you pass your exam, and it’s important for new practitioners to get quality support as they begin their career journey. Kat shares that it’s so important to find a BCBA mentor, whether that’s with a single person or a group of people. We also discuss the challenges faced by new BCBAs, how leaning on a community can decrease burnout and overwhelm, and Kat’s must-have programming resources.

If you’re a newer BCBA and looking for quality mentorship, one step you can take is to download our skills assessment for a BCBA to help you figure out in what areas you might need more support. Fill out the form below to get it in your email.

What’s Inside:

  • How to get to know Kat through our community.
  • Tips for new BCBAs.
  • Kat’s must-have programming resources.
  • Upcoming community events.

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