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Episode 142: Combining Empowerment and ABA with Iveth Aguilar

Iveth Aguilar is a BCBA and women’s empowerment coach. She combines nervous system regulation and embodiment practices with ABA for a holistic approach to true and sustainable empowerment. Here, Iveth shares how she works with ABA beyond its traditional use and how her approach helps her clients uncover the reasons behind their blocks to success.

Episode 141: IEP Advocacy with Annie McLaughlin

Annie McLaughlin is a BCBA and IEP advocate. Here, Annie shares the specifics of how she helps the families she works with. We also discuss how Annie collaborates with school staff, common challenges BCBAs have in navigating the IEP process, and much more.

Episode 079: From Parent to BCBA with Flor De Amelia (Lizette) Hoffman

Flor De Amelia (Lizette) Hoffman is a mom of two and a BCBA and we met at ABAI. She was inspired to get into the field because of her daughter who suffers from seizures and was diagnosed with autism at 18 months. We discuss how depression, anger, and denial affect parents on this journey, what’s next on Lizette’s career journey, and advice for practitioners working with parents and families.