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Episode 142: Combining Empowerment and ABA with Iveth Aguilar

Iveth Aguilar is a BCBA and women’s empowerment coach. She’s the founder of Empower Her, a coaching program that helps women stop settling, overcome fear and insecurities, heal scarcity mindsets, and cultivate the confidence to step fully into their power. Iveth combines nervous system regulation and embodiment practices with ABA for a holistic approach to true and sustainable empowerment. 

Iveth shares how she works with ABA beyond its traditional use and how her approach helps her clients uncover the reasons behind their blocks to success. She walks through her process, how she assesses her clients, and how she helps them get to their ultimate goal. We also discuss how Iveth uses somatic movement to uncover emotions, how stress can inhibit behavioral change, and why it’s important for practitioners to heal their own nervous systems.

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What’s Inside:

  • How Iveth uses embodiment practices with ABA coaching to help her clients
  • How Iveth uses somatic movement to uncover emotions
  • Why it’s important for practitioners to heal their nervous systems

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