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Episode 141: IEP Advocacy with Annie McLaughlin

Annie McLaughlin is a BCBA and IEP advocate. Annie started her career as a special education teacher, where she met a consultant who introduced her to behavior analysis. From there, she went back to school for her BCBA and got her doctorate in special education. Down the road, she received the opportunity to assist a family navigate the special education process through IEP advocacy and became inspired to start a career as a full-time IEP advocate.

IEP Advocacy for Parents

Annie shares the specifics of how she helps the families she works with. She does a ton of work outside the actual IEP meeting, which includes helping parents understand the process through education and listening. We also discuss how Annie collaborates with school staff, common challenges BCBAs have in navigating the IEP process, and much more.

You can connect with Annie on her Instagram @iepadvocateannie as well as her website.

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What’s Inside:

  • How Annie works with families as an IEP advocate
  • Why the IEP process is about more than just the data
  • Recommendations for families starting the IEP process

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