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Episode 079: From Parent to BCBA with Flor De Amelia (Lizette) Hoffman

We met BCBA Flor De Amelia (Lizette) Hoffman at ABAI.  She went from parent to BCBA because of her daughter, who is now 13 years old. Lizette’s daughter was diagnosed with autism at 18 months but knew something was wrong as early as 8 months when she began to experience seizures. Lizette struggled to find answers for her daughter, and she shares what her journey was like as a young mom. ABA therapy helped greatly, and Lizette wanted to learn all about the techniques to practice them on her own. Today, she works with several families who have the same passion and willingness to learn.

Lizette became an RBT and then got her masters in ABA. After being told to “stay in her lane” at her daughter’s school, she got a master’s in special education while pregnant with her third child. Lizette’s story is so inspiring and it’s amazing to hear how her own experience pushed her forward. We talk about the depression, anger, and denial that parents experience on this journey and what helped Lizette get through it. We also discuss what’s next on Lizette’s career journey, how she’s continuing to advocate for her daughter, and advice for practitioners working with parents and families.

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What’s Inside

  • How Lizette’s daughter inspired her to pursue a career in ABA and go from parent to BCBA.
  • How depression, anger, and denial affect parents with children with a diagnosis.
  • Advice for practitioners working with parents and families.

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