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Episode 130: How to ABA’s Year in Review 2023

2023 was an awesome year full of amazing experiences. As we close out the year, we wanted to share everything How to ABA has accomplished through a year in review. One of the most significant things we did was launch The Bx Blueprint for paraprofessionals and RBTS. With 20 hours of content, it’s perfect for RBTs looking for extra certification for their jobs. It’s also great for onboarding staff and helping them get acclimated to their roles. We’re also in the process of launching another course on executive functioning with Dr. Alan Schnee.

Some of our favorite podcasts from this year have been with Matt Cicoria, Emily Varon, Valori Niger, Dr. Alan Schnee, Steve Ward, and Tina Guidry. And we now have 60 CEUs in our library! The most notable CEU events from this year in review were: Simple, Evidence-Based Behavior Management Strategies for Classroom Teachers and Those Who Support Them, BCBA Burn Out: Why Am I So Tired?, A Highly Individualized, Culturally Sensitive, and Child-Led Approach to Feeding Challenges, All About Matching, An Introduction to the Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires, and Diversify Your Practice to Include School Contracts.

We have so much in store for 2024. To stay up to date on everything going on with How to ABA and to take advantage of all of our resources in the new year, join The Bx Resource Pro Membership today.

What’s Inside:

  • Our launch of the Bx Blueprint and how it can help.
  • Our collaboration with Dr. Alan Schnee on a new course.
  • A recap of our guests and offered CEUs.

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