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BCBA Burnout with Emily Varon

Episode 086: ABA Burnout with Emily Varon

Emily Varon is a BCBA and sleep specialist who has been diving into a new passion: burnout in the field of ABA. We discuss some of the things that contribute to burnout, like a lack of supervision and being stretched too thin. We also talk about how to tap into our reinforcers, the challenges new and seasoned BCBAs face that can lead to burnout, and potential strategies and solutions to ease overwhelm.

Parent Stressors and Self-Reg with Dr. Laura Cesaroni

Episode 043: Parent Stressors and Self-Reg with Dr. Laura Cesaroni

Dr. Laura Cesaroni is the Clinical Director at FERN in Toronto. She focuses on self-regulation in children, parents, and educators. We can’t always control the stressors that we’re faced with, but we can control how we manage them. Stress greatly affects behaviors, so it’s important to factor them in when coming up with treatment solutions for clients.