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Episode 043: Parent Stressors and Self-Reg with Dr. Laura Cesaroni

Dr. Laura Cesaroni is the Clinical Director of FERN in Toronto. FERN stands for Family Education Resource Network. They assist parents, grandparents and teachers who require specialized resources for teaching, managing and parenting children who experience challenges. Laura saw a number of children in her practice that were dysregulated and started seeking out effective strategies to deal with big behaviors. Self-regulation is all about understanding stress and the importance of relationships. Over the last several years, Laura has been facilitating courses around self-reg at FERN, and one of them focuses strictly on parents.

The goal of self-regulation is restoration. Stress impacts people of all ages, and how people restore themselves varies greatly amongst different individuals. We’re in a time full of stressors we can’t control or eliminate. However, we can learn to manage, understand, and uncover them. Stress can be high in families when going through the diagnostic process. Recognizing that stress early on is key and it’s important to provide as much support to parents and clients as possible.

What’s Inside:

  • Why stress adds a layer to treating behavioral issues. 
  • How self-regulation can help clinicians and therapists.
  • Main stressors for parents and related maladaptive behaviors.

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