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Episode 125: Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress for Learners with Autism

The holidays are fast approaching and we’re starting to plan for the upcoming busy season. Parties and gatherings with a lot of people can be stressful and overwhelming for many of our learners. We’re sharing tips to reduce holiday stress for our learners and for the families we work with.

Holiday Stress Management Tips

The first tip we discuss is how to use a visual schedule. The unpredictable nature of the holidays can throw off a child’s routine. A schedule provides structure and having it in visual form keeps things front and center. It also helps if you have time to practice skills or visit locations ahead of time. For example, if holiday plans involve taking a lot of pictures, have a photo shoot beforehand to minimize overwhelm and confusion.

We share some other tips to reduce holiday stress such as how to say no to invitations, designating a safe space for kids to take a break, and how to handle transitions smoothly. 

If your learners struggle with transitions, download our Ideas for Successful Transitions below to try some new techniques.

What’s Inside:

  • How a visual schedule can reduce holiday stress.
  • How to use priming to practice skills ahead of time.
  • How to handle transitions smoothly.

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