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Episode 134: What Does Shaping Mean in ABA?

Although shaping is a basic concept in ABA, it’s often overlooked when creating behavior plans. Here, we discuss how to use shaping when teaching our learners important skills. We share some examples of shaping, how to use shaping with reinforcement, and more.

Episode 132: Teaching Manding in ABA

As ABA professionals, it’s important to know why teaching manding is important as well as the best ways to do it, especially with beginner learners. Here, we dive into manding terminology and how to work with non-verbal learners. We also discuss how manding and shaping go together, how to incorporate manding into a session, and more.

How to Use Shaping Procedures in ABA

Shaping procedures in ABA are used to teach children new skills in small increments one step at a time. But what are the best ways to implement shaping and how can we use it to benefit our learners?