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Episode 132: Teaching Manding in ABA

One of the first things we teach our learners is manding, or requesting. As ABA professionals, we know that teaching manding is important, but we may not know the best ways to do it, especially with beginner learners. If you’ve ever traveled to another country where you don’t speak the language, the first thing you’ll want to learn is how to get your basic needs met. Teaching manding is similar in this way, and here we dive into how to best approach it.

Teaching requesting leads to further expressive and receptive language development. When you teach a learner how to get their basic needs met, it lays a good foundation and also reduces negative behaviors. We walk through terminology and how to work with non-vocal learners. We also discuss how manding and shaping go together, how to incorporate it into a session, and more.

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What’s Inside:

  • Why you should begin with teaching requesting (manding) around basic needs.
  • How to teach requesting to non-verbal learners.
  • How to incorporate requesting into a session.

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