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Episode 138: Exploring Play and Intrinsic Motivation with Steve Ward, Madelyn Vickery, and April Dyal

Steve Ward is back on the show, along with his co-authors, Madelyn and April. Their upcoming book includes over 2,100 inexpensive ideas for play and intrinsic motivation. Our conversation includes ways to use the environment in motivation strategies, how to expand play and motivation while building interest, and suggestions for new BCBAs to be more creative and engaging, and more.

creative reinforcers and a BCBA's journey with Jordyn Hargrave

Episode 075: Creative Reinforcers and a BCBA’s Journey with Jordyn Hargrave

Jordyn Hargrave is a BCBA and a member of the How To ABA community. She’s currently pursuing a second master’s degree and works as a BCBA within a school system. Jordyn shares a personal story about how an accident changed her perspective when working in the field. We also discuss creative reinforcers and the importance of mentorship as a new BCBA.

Reinforcement: Sneak Peek into Mentorship with Shira and Kat

Episode 050: Reinforcement: Sneak Peek into Mentorship with Shira and Kat

In this mentorship sneak peek, we discuss a question from a community member around reinforcement. It’s easy to associate reinforcers with physical objects like toys and snacks, but there are plenty of non-tangible reinforcers that are intrinsically motivating. Using a little creativity when uncovering reinforcers goes a long way.