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Episode 075: Creative Reinforcers and a BCBA’s Journey with Jordyn Hargrave

Jordyn Hargrave is a BCBA and a member of the How To ABA community. She came on the podcast today to talk about creative reinforcers for students. Jordyn lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri, and has been in the field for about seven years. Jordyn started her career as an intern at Western Kentucky University and had a class on behavior modification where she was able to shadow a BCBA. She also did some field experience with the Kelly Autism Program and since then, has worked in an in-home setting and an early intervention clinic, and also within a school system as an RBT. Today she still works in a school as a BCBA where she focuses on behavior reduction. 

A post that recently came up in our community was about coming up with creative reinforcers and how to share our ideas with others so we’re not always using the same strategies. Jordyn shares some stories from her field experience where she was able to take what was motivating her clients and shift them to reinforcers that got them closer to their goals. She also shares a personal story about how her life changed after a concussion and a subsequent car accident. Jordyn continued her caseload throughout her recovery, which was difficult, but it helped her further bond with the kids she worked with.

What’s Inside:

  • Jordyn’s career journey as a BCBA.
  • How to come up with creative reinforcers for clients.
  • How an accident impacted Jordyn’s work. 
  • Why mentoring first-year BCBAs is so important.

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