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Episode 138: Exploring Play and Intrinsic Motivation with Steve Ward, Madelyn Vickery, and April Dyal

Steve Ward is back on the show, along with his co-authors, Madelyn Vickery and April Dyal. They’re coming out with their most recent book, 2,100+ Inexpensive Ideas for Play and Intrinsic Motivation.

Steve is a BCBA and the founder of Whole Child Consulting. Madelyn Vickery is a BCBA and Director of Clinical Quality of C.A.B.S. Autism and Behavior Specialist- Statesboro, GA.  April Dyal is a BCBA from a small town outside of Gainesville, Florida.

How to Promote Intrinsic Motivation in Children

We recently received a question in our mentorship group regarding what to do with a child who doesn’t like any of the reinforcers or motivators we provide, and here, we dive into everyone’s thoughts. Our conversation also includes ways to use the environment in motivation strategies, how to expand play and motivation while building interest, and suggestions for new BCBAs to be more creative and engaging.

We’re also co-hosting the CEU event Intrinsic Motivation and Creative Play Ideas with Steve, Madelyn, and April on March 5th at 12pm EST. Sign up now!

What’s Inside:

  • What to do when a child doesn’t respond to our reinforcers or motivators.
  • How to expand play and motivation while building interest.
  • Tips for new BCBAs to be more creative and engaging.

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