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Episode 146: Extinction in ABA

One buzzword that gets thrown around a lot in ABA is the word extinction. But extinction isn’t always best practice anymore. So, what does it mean and why have our thoughts changed on it?

What is Extinction in ABA?

Many people may think extinction is the same thing as ignoring the learner. This is not the case. It also does not mean following through on demands despite what else may be going on with our learners. Extinction simply means to stop providing reinforcement where there previously was reinforcement.

Here, we discuss examples of putting reinforcers on extinction both inside and outside of ABA procedures. We also talk about flaws in how some people use extinction in behavior management, using a trauma-assumed approach when working with learners, holding boundaries with kindness, and more.

There are other methods available with a compassionate approach to managing negative behaviors like the universal protocol. If you’re interested in learning how to use this with your learners, we have a cheat sheet for you! Download Applying Universal Protocol below!

What’s Inside:

  • What extinction is and isn’t
  • How to use extinction appropriately in behavior management
  • The importance of a trauma-informed approach

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