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Episode 147: The Association for Science in Autism Treatment with Dr. David Celiberti

Dr. David Celiberti, BCBA, is the part time Executive Director of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) as well as the co-editor of their newsletter, Science in Autism Treatment. He also served as the President from 2006 to 2012. Shayna first met Dr. Celiberti over 20 years ago when she was a therapist in the field of ABA and she’s so excited to introduce you to him on this podcast.

What is The Association for Science in Autism Treatment?

We talk with Dr. Celiberti about ASAT, their mission, and the positive impact they have on the autism community. He shares his insights into what’s changed on the science front over the years and how ASAT combats misinformation. We discuss some of the challenges Dr. Celiberti is facing as well as what we can do as a community to bring things back to evidence-based practices and science. We also talk about how ASAT is spreading their message and how behavior analysts can tap into ASAT’s resources. 

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What’s Inside:

  • The Association for Science in Autism Treatment mission and their impact on the autism community
  • How we can bring attention back towards science-based practices
  • How to access ASAT’s resources for behavior analysts

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