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Fading Reinforcement

Episode 110: How to Fade Reinforcement

Reinforcement is one of our most common and useful tools, and it’s just as important to know how to fade reinforcement. Here, we dive into fading reinforcement through different schedules. Our conversation also includes tips on how to use behavior contracts and self-monitoring as well as how to naturally fade reinforcement in the classroom.

Episode 070: The Importance of Self-Monitoring with Jamie Salter & Katie Croce

Jamie Salter and Katie Croce are the co-authors of Self & Match, an evidence-based, manualized self-monitoring system. We discuss how Jamie and Katie fell in love with self-monitoring, the advantages of the strategy, and more. On November 8th, Jamie and Katie will be giving a hands-on webinar on self-monitoring, complete with tools you can use to get started right away.