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Episode 070: The Importance of Self-Monitoring with Jamie Salter & Katie Croce

Jamie Salter and Katie Croce are the co-authors of The Self & Match System. Jamie is a trained school psychologist and BCBA and spent time as an administrator in special education. Katie’s a BCBA and has been working as a behavioral analyst since 2006. She’s worked in public and private schools, inpatient hospitals, and then in homes. Today, Katie works at a university within the school of education where she teaches applied behavioral analysis to undergraduate and graduate students. Both Jamie and Katie joined us on the podcast today to talk about the importance of self-monitoring.

Self & Match is an evidence-based self-monitoring system, however,  self-monitoring is often left out of a practitioner’s toolbox. They synthesized all of the research on self-monitoring with an accountability component into a format where professionals could pick it up and implement their own system. On the podcast Jamie and Katie walk us through the five core steps of the Self & Match system and why it stands out from other interventions. They also show how to adapt the system to each learner, as it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Then we discuss how Jamie and Katie fell in love with self-monitoring, the advantages of the strategy, and more.

On November 8th, we invited Jamie and Katie to host a hands-on webinar on self-monitoring, complete with tools you can use to get started right away. Become a Pro Member to join the webinar!

What’s Inside The Importance of Self-Monitoring with Jamie Salter and Katie Croce:

  • Why self-monitoring should be included in every practitioner’s toolbox.
  • The five basic steps of the Self & Match system.
  • How to individualize self-monitoring to different learners.
  • Information on Jamie & Katie’s upcoming webinar.

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