Episode 019: 5 Daily Habits with Shira and Shayna

We received such amazing feedback on our burnout episode that we decided to do a follow-up based on our top five daily habits. Simple things like waking up early or carving out five to ten quiet minutes each day to yourself can make a huge difference in your day. Activities like exercise, enjoying dinner with Read more about Episode 019: 5 Daily Habits with Shira and Shayna[…]

How to Make Time For Yourself

youtime-largeYou’re a real-life superhero. Seriously! It takes unimaginable strength, love, energy and patience to parent a child with special needs. You give everything you have to give to your sweetie, as you should, because Sam is incredible and he deserves simply the best. And so do you! You work around the clock and, in order to keep going full-throttle, you need to recharge. Sounds luxurious and also impossible with your to-do list? Here are a few ways to make time for yourself. […]