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Episode 019: 5 Daily Habits with Shira and Shayna

We received such amazing feedback on our burnout episode that we decided to do a follow-up based on our top five daily habits. Simple things like waking up early or carving out five to ten quiet minutes each day to yourself can make a huge difference in your day. Activities like exercise, enjoying dinner with family, and a daily gratitude practice are non-negotiables for us. Schedules and to-do lists also help us effectively move through the day and we each do them a bit differently. 

There’s no one way to create daily habits, as each of us has different needs and desires. The most important thing is that we stick to them and make them a priority. Putting time in the calendar can help you accomplish your habits each day. Creating healthy and firm boundaries around what you will and won’t do will also help you keep your own habits on that non-negotiable level. Discovering your own personal values and getting closer to them ensures that your daily habits are personalized. 

We’d love to know what your own daily habits are, so please share them with the community!

You’ll Learn:

  • Shira and Shayna’s top 5 daily habits.
  • How making a commitment to sticking with your own habits can create a more fulfilling life.

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