Episode 013: Serving Rural Communities with Jeremy Brown and Jacqueline Thweatt-Burton

Jeremy Brown (Executive Director) and Jacqueline Thweatt-Burton (Assistant Director) of Certified Behavior Health Services serve rural areas across the states of Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. Demand for services is high in these areas and it can be a challenge for practitioners due to long drive times to and from clients. Most of their work within Read more about Episode 013: Serving Rural Communities with Jeremy Brown and Jacqueline Thweatt-Burton[…]

Episode 012: How to Prevent Burnout

The BCBA field can be very demanding, especially when you’re first starting out. If you’re not managing your time properly or creating healthy boundaries, you can easily find yourself heading towards burnout. Fortunately, there are plenty of steps you can take to ease the overwhelm so that you have the energy to do your job Read more about Episode 012: How to Prevent Burnout[…]

Episode 011: Bridging the Gap with Summer Mingo

Having autism herself, Summer Mingo approaches the BCBA profession with a fresh perspective and offers great insights into how we can improve as practitioners. Being client-centric, taking on a brand-new case as if they were a blank slate, and focusing on skills-based programs can help set you up for success when working with families.

Episode 010: Early Intervention and Parental Support with Lisa Cvetnich

Early childhood special ed teacher and BCBA Lisa Cvetnich has extensive experience working with young children and their parents. It’s easy for parents to become overwhelmed with everything from how long it takes to start treatment to understanding reasons behind behaviors. Lisa’s website, The Autism Connection, is a fantastic resource for early intervention information for both parents and practitioners.