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Why Reading To Your Child Is Important

Your cutie can’t get enough of storytime. Given the opportunity, he would have you read the same book over and over several times a day. Say YES! Reading regularly to your little love comes with big benefits.  

Why Read
The sweet part about storytime is that you and your small angel get to snuggle and bond. Precious! It also teaches wee Kimmie the basics of how to read a book, and reading out loud to her helps develop language skills. She’ll be a better communicator – and better student – when she’s reared on a steady diet of stories!

Where To Read
Settle on the couch or cozy up in Kevin’s bed, so reading together is comfortable. Turn off all screens and dim the lights if storytime comes before slumber. Get to the library regularly, too. There, devour books in the kids’ area and let your kiddo choose a few to take home.

When To Read
Books with your babe should happen daily. The Canadian Paediatric Society encourages parents to read to their children from birth.

What To Read
Start your baby on board books with first words and pictures. When Kimmie grows a bit, let her choose the stories she wants to read. Stock your home collection with books that have lots of bright images, which appeal to youngsters, such as the Mr. Men and Little Miss and Scaredy Squirrel series. Check out the Ottawa Public Library’s Children’s Book Suggestions for more ideas on what to read with your sweetie.

How To Read
Don’t rush. Read the words slowly, taking time to talk about what you’re reading and seeing. Ask Kevin to point out pictures (help him if he’s wee) and fill in words he knows from memory or can read. Make storytime fun and pleasurable!

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