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Episode 022: Staff Training with Shira and Shayna

Staff training is an important part of our jobs. Whether you’re with supervisees, RBTs, or teachers, knowing your audience and having realistic expectations going into the training makes all the difference. Don’t assume that your audience knows as much as you do about the topic you’re presenting on and always start with what they understand. Set easy, attainable goals and consider using breakout groups to make things interactive. Adding video is another great way to mix things up and keep people engaged.

Having your trainees walk away with handouts and visuals helps make things concrete. Handouts help tremendously with more technical concepts and can be used for future reference. Doing a pre and post-test helps track progress on learning and how effective your training has been. Senior members of your organization are great resources to help you with training, especially if you’re hosting a large group. Always use stories and anecdotes that are relevant to you and your audience.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve made our staff training series available! Instead of reinventing the wheel, we’ve made it easy for you by creating reusable, editable training templates on a variety of different topics. They range from basic principles to more sophisticated concepts, like teaching language. There are ten different trainings that can be purchased individually, or you may purchase the bundle at a discount. Click the link below for more information!

You’ll Learn:

  • Tips for presenting to different audiences
  • Ideas for post-training takeaways
  • Information on Shira and Shayna’s staff training series

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