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Episode 021: Making Improvement to ABA Supervision with Angie Pickering

Angie Pickering lives in Portland, OR, and has a lot of interesting things going on. She started her career as a typical 9-to-5 clinic-based ABA in 2006 and has watched the field evolve over the years. Angie sees ABA as being in a sort of reflective period and moving towards more client-centered care, which is exciting. Six months ago, she decided to take a leap and started her own consulting business. Angie delivers focused training for staff at various clinics and teaches at Portland State University. She also offers remote supervision services as well, and she encourages our listeners to connect if they’re interested.

Angie is also developing an app called “Tracker!” which is expected to launch in February 2022. The app will streamline the documentation portion of ABA training and keep everything at your fingertips. It will interface with the 5th edition task list, so we will keep you all posted.

The biggest challenge Angie sees is that BCBAs have such a limited amount of time with large caseloads, and it seems that quality training for trainees takes the brunt. Supervisors often lack the adequate training they need to handle teaching someone new, so they just try to get them up to speed enough to get out the door. There’s plenty of support at the university level, but there needs to be more efficient at the real-world level once BCBAs are out with real clients. If we can streamline and enhance the training process, it can help empower new professionals which trickles down to the clients having the best experience possible.

You’ll Learn:

  • Ideas on how to improve the BCBA supervisory experience.
  • Information on “Tracker!”, Angie’s upcoming app to help BCBAs.
  • How to access a child’s motivation in their natural environment.

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  1. Hi! I am reaching out to see if there is any updates in regards to the “Tracker!” App that is in progress. I am very interested in downloading!

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