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Episode 154: Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care, or trauma-assumed care, is a trending topic in our field. Here, we discuss how to best incorporate it into our practice. When we talk about trauma, we’re not just referring to the big things, but anything that happens in our learners’ lives that can make them a bit more sensitive. We want our learners’ experiences with us to be positive, so we should always go in with a compassionate, holistic approach.

We define the different types of trauma and stress and discuss why relationship-building should be your first priority. Trauma is often a function of behavior or a setting event, and we discuss that as well. We also discuss working with parents through a trauma-informed lens, putting yourself in your learner’s shoes, and using empathy and validation.

In this episode, we discuss Dr. Gregory Hanley’s approach to trauma-informed care, and we want to share our cheat sheet for applying his Universal Protocol with your learners. Download our Applying Universal Protocol Cheat Sheet below!

What’s Inside:

  • How to incorporate trauma-informed care in ABA
  • Using a trauma-informed approach with parents
  • How to utilize empathy and validation

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Applying Universal Protocol