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Episode 087: Life Skills Needs Assessment

Life skills are a critical part of the success of our students. They’re needed in order for them to become as independent as possible in their lives. A life skills needs assessment can help us make a plan of which skills our learners need to know. We spend so much time working on academic goals with our students, like learning to read and write. However, we forget that those goals are such a small part of their overall life and don’t have much of an impact on how they’ll live on their own. Things like taking public transportation, getting to a job, and doing the laundry are all valuable life skills that are just as important.

We dive into what is the purpose of life skills and what the term can mean for different individuals and their own unique situations. Life skills really start in preschool, and we discuss how to build the right foundation and plant the seeds that will grow as they become teens and young adults. We also share some of the different life skills needs assessments available as well as how to assess life skills. In many cases, you don’t even need to do a full assessment and can just take the parts that are most relevant to your learner. 

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What’s Inside:

  • Why it’s important to start teaching life skills at a young age.
  • Examples of a life skills needs assessment and how to use them.
  • The importance of tasks when teaching life skills.

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