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Episode 085: What is a Behaviour Contract?

When we discuss reinforcement, we usually think of things like token boards and other ABA therapist strategies. However, learners can also be taught to regulate their own behaviour and become active participants in their own learning through behaviour contracts. What is a behaviour contract? It’s a written agreement that outlines expectations, timeframes, and rewards for specific behaviours. 

But when are behaviour contracts appropriate? With many students, a behaviour contract isn’t the first intervention, it’s something we work towards. Students who are already familiar with and understand a token system can more easily transition into a behaviour contract. As students get older, it’s important for them to be responsible for their own goals. Behaviour contracts give them ownership over their lives and access to their own reinforcers. We discuss the benefits of this strategy, how to introduce the concept to students, and tips for making your behaviour contracts a success.

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What’s Inside:

  • What is a behaviour contract for students?
  • The benefits of behaviour contracts and how to use them.
  • Which students benefit the most from behaviour contracts.
  • Tips to make your behaviour contracts successful.

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