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Episode 066: How To Create an Independent Activity Schedule

An independent activity schedule (IAS) is a set of pictures or words that signals a child to complete a group of activities. An IAS enables the child to do activities independently with minimal supervision. It can give a child a chance to engage in purposeful activities at home or at school. In this podcast episode, we cover how to create an independent activity schedule, give you independent activity schedule ideas, and provide tips on how to teach this to a learner.

In addition to the huge benefits an IAS can have in the classroom, it can also work wonders in a home setting. For example, using an IAS can help kids get tasks completed before getting access to their favorite TV show or video game. We’ll show you examples of what an IAS looks like so you can create your own based on your goals and preferences. We also cover the three main phases of an IAS, how to incorporate open-ended activities, prompting, and data collection best practices.

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What’s Inside:

  • How to create an independent activity schedule.
  • How an IAS can help in both home and school settings.
  • The three main phases of an IAS.
  • IAS data collection best practices.

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