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Episode 042: Staff Hiring and Training with Shira and Shayna

Today, we cover all things related to staff hiring and training. When hiring, sometimes personality means more than what’s on a resume or how many years of experience a person has. How someone presents themselves and how prepared they are goes a long way. Asking the right questions in an interview is key. When interviewing for a new job, try your best to let your personality shine through. As an interviewer, having a candidate interact with a potential student could uncover valuable information on how successful they’d be in the real position.

Staff training is super important because it sets the tone for employee success and influences the quality of ABA services they provide. The BST model is very helpful for training new staff and getting them up to speed. Spending the first week or two in observation mode coupled with explanations gives new employees a foundation before they jump into the role. In addition to training on day-to-day duties, it’s important for staff to become acclimated to the organization’s culture. Holding regular trainings for all employees helps reinforce company principles so everyone stays on the same page.

You’ll Learn:

  • What to focus on when interviewing for a job and what to avoid.
  • Tips for dressing for an interview.
  • Examples of hands-on staff training.
  • Why it’s important to have recurring trainings for existing employees.

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