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Episode 038: Company Culture, Underserved Populations, and Natural Environment Teaching with Leticia Moreno

Leticia Moreno is the Clinical Director and CEO of Within Me Therapy in Maryland. Before becoming a BCBA, she was a special education teacher working in an early intervention setting. Her aunt introduced her to ABA, inspiring her to blend it with early learning in her own practice. She works to incorporate the natural environment into her treatment strategies and helps parents continue the learning outside of the classroom. Leticia uses a coaching model to work with parents instead of a direct approach, which encourages buy in and builds rapport.

Leticia also works with underserviced populations, providing families with resources, especially in the case of a new diagnosis. She also works with Spanish-speaking families and strives to make ABA information accessible so that they can understand it beyond a language barrier. It’s not always easy to incorporate the natural environment into teaching. Leticia recommends having a strong pairing with a child to make it work. Having instructional control sets you up for success in the natural environment. Following the child’s lead in terms of preferences is also a prerequisite. When you’re just starting out as a new BCBA, it’s important to manage your thoughts. Having a positive mindset and living in the moment not only helps you be a better practitioner, but it also helps you achieve your own personal goals.

You’ll Learn:

  • How Leticia collaborates with parents to reinforce learning outside the classroom.
  • Why staff training is a focus within Leticia’s organization.
  • Tips on natural environment teaching.
  • Why mindset is important, both professionally and personally.

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