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Episode 035: A Sneak Peek into Monthly Mentorship Meetings Part 3 with Shira and Shayna

Part three of our “sneak peek” series showcases more from our monthly mentorship meetings. In this session, we share our thoughts on using timers for transition periods. We also share resources on addressing challenging behaviors around tolerating peers. To wrap up, we discuss working with the PECS system.

This series has been loaded with great tips and insights and we’re looking forward to doing more of these! We love being able to brainstorm and problem solve with our community, which includes some of the most intelligent, supportive individuals.

You can also be a part of this monthly mentorship meetings and we guarantee these will be very helpful to you whether you’re a parent, carer or educator. For more information on becoming a member so you can join us on the next call, head to our website by clicking the link below.

You’ll Learn:

  • Thoughts around using timers for transitions.
  • Resources for dealing with clients who have trouble tolerating peers.
  • How to assess if working with PECS is right for your client and how to use it.

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