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Episode 026: Supervision Reimagined with Nicole Stewart

Nicole Stewart is a BCBA and the co-founder of Supervision Reimagined, an organization that’s committed to standardizing supervisory best practices for the field. Nicole started her career as a behavioral analyst and a certified special education teacher. She went on to become a clinical director at a private placement group and she is now a full-time entrepreneur. Supervision Reimagined is working to reduce the barriers that restrict access to effective BCBA supervision. Nicole herself has supervised over 100 people throughout her career and has seen new professionals come in at a wide range of experience levels. Having a standardized process to follow streamlines the supervisory process for both the supervisor and the trainee and makes everyone’s job that much easier.

One area where competency should be measured and standardized is hands-on experience being a direct care therapist. Many new BCBAs come into the field without this valuable experience. Another area is a clinically applied research project or experimental design. This experience could be turned into staff or parent training where the trainee would gain the experience needed to be able to communicate with the different stakeholders involved in a client’s treatment plan.

Many BCBAs are overwhelmed and struggle to find the time to provide quality supervision. Nicole and her colleagues provide templates and resources on the Supervision Reimagined website and social media channels to help ease the burden. A common challenge that arises within the supervisory relationship is how to have tough conversations with trainees on performance. A little vulnerability goes a long way in terms of building trust and rapport. When there’s mutual respect and understanding that supervision is meant to provide support, conversations go much more smoothly.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why standardizing the supervisory process is important.
  • How to have honest conversations with supervisees about performance. 
  • How to deal with imposter syndrome.

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