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Episode 024: ABA – Not Just for Autism with Latocia Robins

Latocia Robins is the owner of Auspice ABA Services in Louisiana. Her company provides services for individuals aged two to adult. Latocia’s vision came out of noticing a lack of services being provided to those in the school system who needed support but didn’t have an autism diagnosis. She uses ABA to help clients with mental disorders like ADHD and OD and provides services to those struggling with addiction. When treating adults with addictive behaviors, ABA offers a treatment solution that puts words into practice. Putting a plan together and taking small steps day by day will shape behavior over time. Working with children is a bit easier since they aren’t as set in their ways as adults are, but if you can figure out a reward system that works, it translates into progress.

Latocia’s driving force in her career is different every day, and it all depends on what successes her clients are having. ABA can offer so much outside of autism, and she’s seen that firsthand. When explaining ABA to her parents, she shows them how it can give their children more independence and sets them up with goals to get there. Seeing the bigger picture and focusing on the behavior instead of the diagnosis is key. Behaviors never come from out of the blue, there is always a reason for them. Sometimes there is a lot of anxiety behind a behavior, especially in the classroom. ABA can help everyone understand behavior better and provides the tools needed to reshape it.

Advice that Latocia would give to new BCBAs is to strive to be better than your yesterday. No one knows all the answers, and each person is unique with their own set of challenges. Take everything case by case. Lean on your support system and pick their brains when you’re stuck. Check-in with yourself often to avoid burnout and take breaks whenever you need them. Sometimes clarity comes from those breaks, and you can come back with fresh eyes and new insights on how to solve a problem.

You’ll Learn:

  • How ABA can help individuals outside of an autism diagnosis
  • Why the reward system for children is different for adults
  • How to bring more awareness to ABA within our communities

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