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Episode 017: Values-Based ABA with Tammy Kaiser

Tammy Kaiser is an RBT with a master’s degree in Jewish education. She’s planning on taking the BCBA exam in the spring and is also working on her Doctor of Science in Jewish studies. Tammy’s goal is to use her diverse background to look at the world of ABA through a lens of faith-based values. As a survivor of a mass shooting, Tammy also had to recover from a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. When she learned about ABA at a previous job, she realized that she had a unique perspective and mindset that could greatly benefit the field.

Looking at ABA from a trauma-informed lens is important. One of Tammy’s biggest challenges is to balance the idea of being an ABA professional with a trauma-informed approach. Being able to look at a family as a whole unit and taking the time to learn about them and their life is an important part of treatment. Taking a moment to connect with the family and meet them were they’re at can make all the difference in successful treatment.

Tammy is interested in creating a values-based system for ABA and focuses on putting children first. Children have just as many rights as adults and it’s important to consider the values and ethics of their families. This can help create treatment plans that fit within a family’s needs. Tammy feels that the field of ABA also needs more neurodiverse voices and could benefit from incorporating more empathy with scientific data. Compassionate care is becoming more of a mainstream topic in the field. Practitioners can benefit greatly from taking a step back and looking at the whole picture when treating clients.

You’ll Learn:

  • How incorporating faith-based values could positively impact ABA practices.
  • Why using a trauma-informed approach in ABA can benefit clients. 
  • How merging empathy and a focus on feelings with scientific data can help the field of ABA.

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