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Episode #006: Supporting Adults with ASD with Jaime Santana

In today’s episode of How To ABA, we’re talking to Jaime Santana, owner of Santana Behavioural Services. We were so excited to chat with him because he knows so much about caring for adults. We talk about how important it is to focus on these services since most of what’s available are geared towards children.

We discuss the need for a shift in focus from generalized instruction towards skills training specific to each person’s environment. It’s important to get adults to a place of independence. Doing things with them in places like their gym, grocery store, and work is way more beneficial for adults since we’re preparing them for life instead of the classroom.

Jaime touches on a big gap in caring for adults, and that’s sexuality and self-care. Adults who aren’t well-equipped in these areas can leave themselves susceptible to abuse. It’s not always easy to get parents on board with making sure these skills are solid when their kids reach adulthood, so it’s important to meet them with empathy and compassion.

We wrap up by talking to Jaime about some of his favorite ABA resources and go into why Pat McGreevy’s “Essential for Living” should be on every practitioner’s list. We loved having Jaime on the show, and he’s making such a great impact on the way we care for adults.

You’ll Learn:

  • The gaps in adult care and where we should be focusing.
  • Why independence is so important.
  • Ways to get parents to reinforce skills to set kids up for adult success.
  • Using “Essential for Living” as a resource.

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