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Episode #005: Using ABA in a Preschool Classroom with Farrah Benson

Today we are talking with Farrah Benson, a BCBA and preschool teacher, from her classroom in South Carolina. Farrah has a lot to share about the importance of ABA in the classroom and what she and teachers like her can do to make that happen.

Embedding ABA into the classroom is all about blending it into daily activities. Farrah gives us some great examples of how she does this in her day to day. Working with 3-year-olds, she has to make sure ABA is worked in simultaneously and not relying on table time exercises. She shares how she makes circle time a time for ABA in a fun way!

When listening to Farrah’s strategies to use ABA in the classroom, we realized that best practice teachers are already doing these things, and they just aren’t realizing it. BCBAs out there may think that it’s ABA or education, but when you’re doing it right, ABA IS education. We talk together about how we can take tools and resources teachers are already using to reinforce ABA strategies.

We also touch on some differences teachers without a background in ABA might have when working with a BCBA. Farrah gives us some easy solutions and personal experiences on these tough things like collecting data, over prompting and working with families. She proves that it doesn’t have to be fancy, just doable.

As a BCBA and a teacher, Farrah has a unique perspective, and she shares some advice for fellow BCBA teachers as well as newly minted BCBAs. She emphasizes something we keep touching on, and that is to never stop learning. No matter where you are in your career, keep asking questions. Whether you’ve been practicing for many years or are just starting out, you don’t know it all, and it’s okay to lean on your community of professionals.

Meeting with BCBAs and other professionals like Farrah gives us the opportunity to keep learning and to share with others these new ideas, perspectives, and resources!

You’ll Learn:

  • Guest Farrah Benson.
  • ABA and Education.
  • Embedding ABA into the classroom.
  • Advice for new BCBAs.

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