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ABA Assessments & Data Collection

An ABA program starts with an assessment, and includes on-going data collection.


Understanding the Functions of Behavior in ABA

Behavior plays a significant role in our lives, and understanding the functions of behavior is crucial for parents, teachers, and practitioners alike. In the field of ABA, having a grasp of behavior functions can help identify the reasons behind certain behaviors and develop effective strategies to address them. What is a Function of Behavior? WhyRead More »Understanding the Functions of Behavior in ABA

How to Do a Functional Behavior Assessment in ABA: A Comprehensive Guide

Imagine you're presented with two children: both prone to biting. On the surface, it seems like they're exhibiting the same behavior, but delve a little deeper and a different picture starts to emerge — one child bites for attention, the other for escape. How do we decipher this crucial difference? Welcome to the world ofRead More »How to Do a Functional Behavior Assessment in ABA: A Comprehensive Guide
what are preference assessments in aba?

What Are Preference Assessments in ABA?

What motivates you? I know for myself any kind of hazelnut chocolate is a favorite. But what happens when I am sick of chocolate? I have my back up motivators – like sour candies, pretzels, cookies, and more! Not everyone can tell us what motivates them, and sometimes what we think will motivate us does not do the trick. This is why we have preference assessments.