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ABA Assessments & Data Collection

An ABA program starts with an assessment, and includes on-going data collection.

what are preference assessments in aba?

What Are Preference Assessments in ABA?

What motivates you? I know for myself any kind of hazelnut chocolate is a favorite. But what happens when I am sick of chocolate? I have my back up motivators – like sour candies, pretzels, cookies, and more! Not everyone can tell us what motivates them, and sometimes what we think will motivate us does not do the trick. This is why we have preference assessments.

how to choose the right data collection method

How to Choose the Right Data Collection Method

Data collection is a big part of what we do. We are bound to make data-driven decisions and update or revise programs based on what the data tell us. However, it is possible to be so consumed with data that it interferes with learning. How well can a person engage and think on their feet when they’re preoccupied with data collection?

Tips for Teaching Tacting

Tacting is labeling an object. This important skill is going to be in most of our learners’ programs. So what are the best procedures for teaching tacting?

How to Increase Mean Length of Utterance (MLU)

Did you know that when we talk about increasing a student’s sentence length, this is sometimes referred to as the MLU, or the mean length of utterance? We’re giving you some easy tips on how to increase mean length of utterance, or sentence length. 

Tips For Increasing Language in Kids Using Books

Increasing language skills in kids is typically the primary goal of an ABA program. When increasing language skills, it’s important to use natural environment teaching through a variety of fun activities. Reading interactive books with lots of pictures is one of those activities. Today I’m going to demonstrate how to increase language skills in kids through reading fun books.